explore beyond the cottage

We continue to strive to ensure our guests not only have a great stay in the cottages themselves but that you are made to feel part of the family during your stay. We open up almost all of our 6 acre site to our guests and happily share the facilities within them.

Why not take a blanket out into the grounds and enjoy a picnic or just lay there listening to the birds and trees?

Got muddy walking the many countryside walks on our doorstep? Feel free to wash your clothes free of charge (we even supply the detergent).

Always fancied yourself as a would be snooker champion? Practice on our full sized professional snooker table.

Want to wear your children out before bath and bed? We have a great climbing frame and trampoline just begging to be used.



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"we believe a great holiday cottage is more than an interior, it's the connection with the great outdoors and each other"